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model regulation Maintenance ventilation systems:

Quarterly maintenance:

  • Checking the operation parameters of the ventilation unit on the dispatcher's monitor screen  on ARM.

  • Visual inspection of the ventilation unit. Taking troubleshooting steps (if needed)

  • Inspection of the pipelines of the piping systems of the heater and cooler. Taking troubleshooting steps (if needed)

  • Checking the serviceability of the indication means (pilot lamps on the automation panels).

  • Checking the dirt screens in the ventilation piping system  installations (water and glycol circuits). When the pressure drop across the filter is more than  0.2 kg/cm²  - filter cleaning.

  • Checking the condition and tension of the fan drive belts, adjusting, replacing.

  • Checking the condition of motor bearings, fan by noise and heat  (temperature not more than +50С).

  • Checking the visual condition of the air filter, contamination of the finned  surfaces of the air heater and air cooler. (at  necessary to clean).

  • Checking the starting and current consumption of the fan motor for compliance  passport data of the installation and compliance with permissible deviations.

  • Checking the condition of the contacts of the electrical connections of the supply and connecting  cable and switchgear.

  • Checking automation elements located in automation panels (automatic  switches, contactors, time relays, relays, transformers, controllers).

  • Serviceability check (absence of mechanical damage, cracks, etc.)  pressure gauges and thermometers in the piping of the cold (-heat) circuits of the ventilation unit.

  • Checking the operability of emergency stop sensors and alarms:  sensor-switch of differential pressure on the filter,  return water temperature sensor,  sensor - pressure difference switch on the fan,  capillary antifreeze thermostat

  • Checking the performance of the air dampers (free play, tight closing),  as well as electric drive:  intake air dampers,  mixing damper drive,  heater control valve,  extract air damper control actuator

Annual maintenance:

  • Cleaning the housing (outside and inside) of the ventilation unit with special means.

  • Visual inspection of the sealing strips and fasteners of the ventilation unit housing.

  • Check the condition of the droplet separator, pan and section drainage water trap (clean if necessary).

  • Cleaning the fins of the air heater and air cooler (if any), (blowing with compressed air, water using a high-pressure apparatus).

  • Checking the performance of the heating element (measuring electrical resistance) for installations with installed electric heaters

  • Calibration of manometers and thermometers in the piping in case of significant deviations in the readings of the ventilation unit.

  • Visual check of anti-vibration fan mounts 

  • Check the condition of the fan impeller (if necessary,  cleaning).

  • Check compliance with the design data of performance, total pressure  fan (anemometer)

Off-season routine maintenance of ventilation systems.

In preparation for the summer period of operation:

  1. Open shut-off valve

  2. Drain antifreeze from the hydraulic system (if any. in the cooler)

  3. Fill the hydraulic system (cooler) with coolant (water)

  4. Release air from the hydraulic system.

  5. Prepare the system for automatic start mode remotely on a signal  control panel operator and/or ambient temperature  

When preparing for the winter period of operation (preservation):

  1. Perform all quarterly maintenance

  2. Close shut-off valve.

  3. Drain coolant (water) from the system.

  4. Remove residual water from the air cooler (blowing with pressurized air, drying  vacuum) where this is not possible - Fill with antifreeze  cooler (completely, with the removal of air residues from it).

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