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Air conditioner maintenance   in Chelyabinsk!

Обслуживание ремонт сплитов в Краснодаре

2 500 rub.

Need to be serviced

air conditioner?

* what is included in this price:

  • Washing the outdoor unit with a high-pressure cleaner

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the indoor unit (without complete disassembly)

  • Freon pressure check and refueling (up to 300 gr.)

  • Pulling electrical connections

- agree on a time and place

- check the cost

or call yourself by phone: +7(351)777-66-97

Washing the outdoor unit of the split system

What is a sink for?

The external unit of the air conditioner is a housing with a heat exchanger and a fan and other elements of the refrigeration circuit.

The purpose of the heat exchanger is to remove heat, for this it has a large fin area and a forced air fan. To obtain a large area of fins in a small housing, the heat exchanger plates are located at a small distance from each other - about one millimeter.

As the fan runs, it draws between the plates:

  • dust

  • soot particles

  • oils

  • fats

  • exhaust products

  • Poplar fluff

  • other pollution

At the same time, heat transfer deteriorates, and as you know, an air conditioner is a heat pump that pumps heat from one unit to another, how much energy is absorbed in one, so much will be released in another.

Thus, if the heat exchange in the outdoor unit deteriorates, then, accordingly, less "cold" will be emitted by the indoor unit, that is, if the outdoor unit is contaminated, the power of the air conditioner drops.

In addition, another problem arises - overheating of the compressor and an increase in pressure in the system, which leads to increased wear of parts and mechanisms of the air conditioner.

Summarizing, we conclude that if you do not wash the air conditioner in time, then in the end we get:

  • cooling power reduction

  • overheating of the compressor and its periodic shutdown

  • increased wear of parts

  • shortening the life of the air conditioner


How and with what to wash the air conditioner?

The best option is a high pressure water washer.

The most common brand is Karcher.

The jet of water comes out of the washing nozzle at high pressure,

in order not to bend the radiator plates, the jet must be directed

strictly parallel to the plates.

How do you know if your air conditioner needs cleaning?

The surest way is to look at the radiator of the external unit - it should shine through .

Indirect signs are deterioration in cooling and periodic shutdown of the air conditioner.

The cleanliness of the outdoor unit must be especially carefully monitored if it is installed on the sunny side.

Washing is most often necessary if:

  • outdoor unit installed on the sunny side

  • next to a busy highway, highway

  • production facilities, workshops or an existing construction site are located nearby

  • after the season of poplar fluff

  • the air conditioner has been used for more than 3 years


Sometimes it happens that the condenser is clean in the light, but a thin film of contaminants forms on the surface of the plates and the air conditioner does not cool well. To find out the cause, measuring the pressure after the condenser will help - if it is elevated, washing is necessary.

Cleaning the indoor unit of the split system

The indoor unit should be cleaned regularly and more frequently than the outdoor unit. Some nodes need to be cleaned once every 2 weeks, others less often, depending on how quickly they become dirty and what task they carry.


The main task of internal filters is air filtration, dust retention and various contaminants. They make the air cleaner, so they need regular cleaning. Manufacturers of air conditioners recommend cleaning them once every 2 weeks. Despite the simple operation, many people forget about it, and as a result - extraneous odors in the room or breakdown of the split system.

Cleaning algorithm:

  1. Remove the cover of the indoor unit.

  2. Carefully take out the filter.

  3. Place it in a container of soapy water for 3 minutes.

  4. Then rinse under running warm water.

  5. Dry naturally. They cannot be exposed to hot air.

  6. Installed in place.

The filter is a fragile part. Therefore, it is forbidden to use hot water, abrasives, solvents and bleaches to wash it. They can cause deformation and damage to the part.

There are two types of filters - mesh and pocket. If the first type can be washed and dried repeatedly, then pocket ones have an expiration date. If over time the air conditioner starts to work worse even after the cleaning procedure, then it means that it is time to replace the cassette filter.

Rotary turbine

With regular washing of filters, it is cleaned once a year in the fall or as it gets dirty. How to proceed:

  1. Open the cover of the indoor unit and remove the filter.

  2. A soapy solution is applied to all the blades using a brush with long bristles.

  3. Leave for 5 minutes. Cellophane is placed under the diffuser grille and the turbine is turned on. All dirt and debris from the rotor is blown onto the floor.

  4. Once again, the parts are cleaned of dirt residues.

  5. Replace the filter and close the lid.

Evaporator grill

It is a system of tubes in which freon evaporates.

If you notice rust on metal parts during cleaning, contact the service center immediately.

The evaporator grate is recommended to be cleaned once a year before starting the split system. To restore order, do not use metal brushes and objects that can damage it.

Cleaning is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Open the lid of the split system.

  2. Remove the front grill that covers the heat exchanger.

  3. Take a soft brush with a long handle and a vacuum cleaner.

  4. Using a brush, gently brush off dust and dirt, and collect with a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle.

With the recommended cleaning period, the heat exchanger is cleaned quickly and well. But with severe pollution, a steam generator is indispensable.


Stagnation in the drainage system provokes the development of mold. And the clogging of the tubes with dirt and fatty deposits leads to a breakdown of the split system. Therefore, the drainage pan is periodically washed from dirt and excess moisture. After all, mold easily and quickly spreads along the walls and plates of the radiator and can become a source of musty smell.

The drainage system is cleaned depending on the degree of contamination in various ways:

  • With little pollution  it is simply washed with clean water or soap, dishwashing detergent is added. Through the heat exchanger, the liquid itself enters the drain.

  • If there is a blockage or dirt is deposited inside the tube, then the drainage is disconnected for flushing. The pipeline is blown with a vacuum cleaner, thereby removing the blockage and cleaning it from accumulated dirt.

  • With a high degree of pollution  use the most time-consuming, but very effective way - block analysis. To do this, the air conditioner will have to be completely disassembled in parts. The pipeline is pulled out, blown and washed along its entire length, cleaning all bends and loops.

When the split system is completely washed and put in order, the final step is antibacterial cleaning. It removes odors, eliminates germs, fungi and mold. To do this, the air conditioner is turned on at maximum power, the mode is cooling, and a spray is sprayed inside to clean the air conditioners.

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