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Design  ventilation systems

in Chelyabinsk

What ventilation systems do we   we design:

  • supply

  • exhaust

  • supply and exhaust

  • supply and exhaust with recovery

According to the method of submission and removal


  • natural

  • mechanical

By way of travel


  • general exchange

  • local

  • mixed

By appointment

  • with rotary heat exchanger

  • with plate heat exchanger

  • with intermediate coolant

By type of heat recovery




Cafes and restaurants


Проектирование вентиляции в Челябинске

office buildings


Shops and shopping centers

country houses

car parks


Medical centers

Fitness centers

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Наши преимущества
Project delivery on time


During the design process, the engineer thinks through every detail of the future system:

  • analyzes the features of the object, determines the nuances that may affect the design and functioning of ventilation;

  • calculates the air exchange of all rooms, taking into account their purpose and sanitary requirements;

  • performs aerodynamic calculations so that the system can provide the necessary air exchange;

  • determines the noise level of the system in order to minimize it;

  • selects equipment and materials;

  • determines the installation location of equipment, laying and outlet of air ducts;

  • draws up drawings and explanatory notes necessary for the correct installation of the system.

Why do you need a quality ventilation project?

Professional design is required not only to create a large-scale ventilation system for an entertainment center or apartment building. You can’t do without it when arranging the ventilation of a small cottage. Thanks to a quality project:

  • You will not have problems with the choice and installation of equipment. The project is a reliable and detailed guide for suppliers and installers.

  • You can immediately calculate the cost of the future system. Project documentation is the basis for drawing up estimates for the supply and installation of ventilation elements.

  • The finished system will work effectively. It will provide the necessary air exchange without unnecessary energy consumption.

  • Ventilation elements harmoniously fit into the interior. During the design process, the location of the air outlets will be thought out taking into account the design and ergonomics of the premises.

  • The system will be durable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

We have a convenient procedure for cooperation:

  • You call and tell about your task.

  • Our engineer visits the site free of charge. Based on the information received, we make an enlarged calculation of the system and prepare a commercial offer.

  • If our offer satisfies you, we undertake the design.

  • Compiling a detailed  terms of reference, in which we take into account your wishes regarding the ventilation system, the features of the facility and the requirements of SNiPs.

  • We coordinate the document with you. Further, the terms of reference become an annex to the contract.

  • We conclude a clear and detailed design contract.

  • We prepare project documentation and send it to you.

Prices for the design of ventilation and air conditioning systems

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