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Certification of ventilation systems in Chelyabinsk

Certification of ventilation systems is a documentation of the system, which is carried out in parallel with the aerodynamic tests of the fan, on the basis of which a passport with the results obtained is issued. Ventilation and air conditioning.


If there is a need to carry out adjustment work at the facility, the development of new solutions and measures aimed at modernizing the production process is required, then complex adjustment work is carried out in order to obtain a sanitary and hygienic effect.

It is important to note that natural ventilation systems do not need a passport. However, in practice such passports are found. This document is a simplified version of the passport, while the attached protocols display additional parameters that reflect the performance of the natural ventilation system itself.

As for systems that do not have a unified approach and network, they do not need a passport from a formal point of view. However, if you look at these systems from the other side, you can see that the parameters change over time. This necessitates regular maintenance of the systems. Thus, it is more expedient when passport documentation is present for any ventilation systems that function forcibly, with the exception of window fans and modern thermal curtains.

A good alternative is the moment when the role of a passport for the ventilation system is played by the passport of the product itself, which is issued by the manufacturer of the product, but on condition that the relevant protocols with measurement data are attached to this document.

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Паспортизация систем вентиляции в Челябинске
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