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Services in the field of automation


Автоматизация вентиляции в Челябинске

Automation of ventilation and air conditioning


Автоматизация ИТП в Челябинске

Automation of heating systems and ITP


Автоматизация газового хозяйства в Челябинске


gas facilities


диагностика и ремонт автоматики в Челябинске

Diagnostics and repair of automation systems

Implementation Benefits  automation:


Reliable protection of ventilation equipment 


Maintaining a comfortable climate in automatic mode


Energy Saving  up to 40% reduction in the payback period of the project


System integration  supervisory control  and building management


Rapid response to emergencies

Automation of the ventilation and air conditioning system

Automation of ventilation and air conditioning systems has already firmly entered our lives. Today it is difficult to imagine a fully functioning ventilation system that is not equipped with an automation system. Management of modern engineering networks is not possible without well-established and working automation.

This is as relevant as  for large complexes - industrial-production, warehouse, trade, etc., and for small systems installed  at your home or office.

Also, automation systems are mandatory used for life support systems in buildings: smoke exhaust systems, air pressurization systems.

Climate systems are usually complex systems that use expensive equipment that requires careful attitude and timely maintenance. And the automation of such systems is a responsible task, the competent solution of which will allow in the future to significantly reduce energy costs and save on the maintenance of such systems.  

A properly organized automation system will allow you to get rid of manual control of equipment operation parameters, the main indicators of the microclimate in the building.

Skillful organization of automatic systems will keep the safety of people in the building, as well as:

  1. Ensure the operation of the equipment in accordance with the established parameters and algorithms.

  2. Monitor and maintain compliance of indicators with the established values.

  3. Prevent equipment failure by shutting down the system in an emergency.

  4. Monitor the performance and condition of all components and mechanisms.

  5. Visualize parameters, carry out remote control of ventilation and air conditioning.


The main advantages of ventilation automation:

  1. Reducing the cost of energy, the operation of engineering personnel. In practice, it was possible to make sure that with automation it is possible to achieve 10-20% savings on heat and electricity.

  2. Protection in emergency situations - a complex system that includes warning devices, fire extinguishing, smoke neutralization, fresh air supply to people's evacuation routes will allow you to quickly respond to an emergency;

  3. Efficient organization of air exchange in the premises - with the help of automation, you can set the necessary cleaning parameters, temperatures, flow intensity, while ensuring a simple and quick achievement of a favorable microclimate

  4. Full remote control and management - with the help of automated installations, you can regulate the operation of fans (changing performance); monitor and control temperature and  indoor air humidity; control the contamination of filters; follow up  overheating (overcooling) of the hotel actuating elements of the system.


How reliable, durable and safe an automation system depends on the quality of its elements and mechanisms, as well as on the quality of installation and commissioning


Programmable Logic Controllers

Pixel Controller  manufactured by the Russian company Segnetics is reliable, easy to program, excellent for installation in standard control panels and has an excellent price/feature/quality ratio. The controller is compatible with MR series I/O modules. The Pixel is equipped with an RS-485 port and an Ethernet port (optional).

ARIES controllers  are widely used in ventilation automation systems. OWEN controllers support a wide range of I/O modules, are programmed from the powerful Codesys environment, have a low price and rich communication capabilities.

Carel controllers are a modern solution for managing heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It allows you to organize a powerful, modern and operationally flexible control of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Контроллер Segnetics в Челябинске
Настройка контроллера Овен в Челябинске
Настройка контроллера Carel в Челябинске
Parametric  logic controllers

Siemens controllers  Synco 200 family and with Synco 700    specialized controllers for managing ventilation and air conditioning systems. Series  Synco 200 and with Synco 700 allow you to control various parameters: temperature, pressure and differential pressure, air quality, air flow rate, etc.

ARIES controller  TPM133M is designed for automation of supply and exhaust ventilation systems.  TRM133M is equipped with a real-time clock and is easily integrated into the dispatching system (monitoring system) due to the RS-485 interface and Modbus RTU protocol support.

A distinctive feature of Regin Corrigo controllers is the built-in WEB-server. With the Regin Corrigo controller, the air handling unit can be supervised through any browser via the local Ethernet network and remotely via the Internet.

Монтаж и настройка контроллера сименс в Челябинске
трм в челябинске контроллер
regin контроллер
Actuators for ventilation valves

Servo actuators for ventilation dampers are designed to control supply, exhaust or bypass dampers of ventilation systems. 

Air damper actuators can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • supply voltage (230 V or 24 V AC);

  • torque (from 2 to 40 Nm  );

  • the presence or absence of a return spring;

  • type of control signal (analog or discrete);

  • the presence of feedback signals (limit switches of end positions or an analog signal (0-10 v) proportional to the level of opening of the ventilation valve).

белимо в Челябинске купить

Three-way control valves are used in supply ventilation systems with a water heat exchanger (water heater, glycol cooler). Control dampers maintain the set temperature in the supply air duct by changing the heat output of the ventilation unit radiator. 

Main technical characteristics of control valves  with electric drive for water heaters:

  • DU (nominal diameter);

  • torque of the servomotor of the three-way valve;

  • the presence or absence of a servo return spring;

  • type of control signal (analog or discrete);

  • the presence of feedback signals (limit switches of end positions or an analog signal (0-10 v) proportional to the level of opening of the control valve).

белимо электропривод в челябинске купить
Other devices and mechanisms

Capillary thermostats are used in supply ventilation systems for  frost protection of the water heater. The operation of a capillary frost protection thermostat is based on the property of a gas to change its volume when heated and cooled. The gas, expanding in the capillary, exerts pressure on the thermostat membrane, as a result of which the mechanical relay of the thermostat is triggered. The operation of the capillary thermostat ensures that the logic controller (PLC) turns off the supply fan, as well as the closing of the ventilation valves. 

капиллярный термостат

Pressure switches are used to control the operation of supply and exhaust fans, to control clogging of air filters, as well as to control the freezing of plate heat exchangers.

The principle of operation is simple: the air flow through the connecting PVC tube exerts pressure on the sensitive membrane of the pressure switch, the membrane transmits the force to the switching contact.

  • Differential pressure gauges (Pressostats) are used for:

  • control of the degree of contamination of the air filter;

  • control of fan operation with V-belt transmission;

  • monitoring the integrity of the fan impeller;

In automated supply ventilation systems with electric heaters (heaters), the use of pressure switches is most necessary. The operation of the heating elements of the ventilation unit with the fan turned off is fraught with fire.


In general ventilation systems, frequency converters (FC) are widely used. The use of frequency converters significantly extends the life of fan motors. Connecting the fan through a frequency converter allows you to achieve the required air capacity of the automated ventilation system. Ventilation units equipped with frequency converters provide energy savings of up to 40% by reducing the fan speed at night and weekends.

Настройка и програмирование частотника в челябинске
Temperature sensors (resistance thermometers and thermocouples)

Resistance thermometers are used in supply ventilation systems with a heating and/or cooling circuit.

Thermistors are used to measure the temperature parameters of ventilation systems:

  • temperature in the supply air duct;

  • return heat carrier temperature (after the water heater);

  • temperature in the served room;

  • outside air temperature;

  • extract air temperature.

канальный датчик температуры
датчик температуры

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