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To create comfortable conditions for library visitors and to preserve the unique book stock stored in a ten-tiered book depository, a supply ventilation system with central air conditioning and humidification was developed.

In addition, the ventilation system also served as a heating system in the book depository, since the use of the traditional method of heating is prohibited by norms and rules.  

The installation of the air handling unit with redundancy and recuperation had to be carried out in cramped conditions.

To create comfortable temperature conditions in the library's reading rooms, six VRV systems based on Mitsubishi equipment were installed.

And for the smooth operation of the server room, two Daikin split systems were installed.

Special requirements were imposed on the premises where ancient unique books were kept. There  it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature and humidity throughout the year. To do this, we installed Daikin precision air conditioners.

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