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Residential complex "Aleksandrovsky"

One of the largest and most attractive construction projects  is a residential complex "Aleksandrovsky" .

"Alexander" in ancient Greek means "protector of people."   This name is associated   the pride and glory of Russian history: Prince Alexander Nevsky of Novgorod, Emperor Alexander II - the Liberator, commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov and other great men glorified and strengthened the strength and power of our Motherland. 

The construction contour of the Aleksandrovsky complex is created by sectional-type buildings of various heights (up to 20 floors) , which defines the original silhouette of the microdistrict and protects the inner territory from winds and street noise.


The project provides for the fencing of yard territories with access control, equipping with integrated security systems. On the first floors of the buildings there are shops and service enterprises. In a residential complex  built 4 underground parking lots that will accommodate more than 1000 cars.

The complex was built according to the most advanced technologies, equipped with reliable engineering systems and complies with   the highest requirements of environmental, sanitary and hygienic, fire and other standards   Russian Federation.

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